Shibuya Arrow Rest Ultima RH/LH


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For many years, top athletes have requested that Shibuya develop an arrow rest tailored to their needs. This is the Ultima Recurve Rest, which has been developed through Shibuya’s decades of experience with feedback from champion archers such as Natalia Valeeva and Magnus Petersson!
Every single detail of this product is extremely accurate, in order to guarantee an exceptional performance and comfort of use.
The Ultima Recurve Rest’s Support Arm makes use of DLC-coating (Diamond-like carbon) a technology offering superior material strength and friction properties, applied in fields such as parts for racing engines. As a result, the energy loss inflicted on an arrow gliding over the arm is reduced to the bare minimum. The Support Arm’s Offset construction guarantees no contact with the cushion plunger’s barrel, even when used with the smallest diameter shafts.
The Ultima Recurve Rest is adjustable vertically, to ensure compatibility with any size arrow shaft, and also horizontally to compensate for sight window depth and plunger settings. Adjustments are easy to make with one screw, even when the arrow is rested on the support arm. The Support Arm is available as a spare part on request, and can be replaced easily.

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