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PALS Limb Pockets

New for 2017, The Perfect Alignment Limb System pocket is now standard on all bow models. This system maintains tight tolerances to provide consistent riser, cam, and limb alignment and removes accuracy-robbing inconsistencies for more dependable shooting.

Riser Cage

Elite’s exclusive Riser Cage designs increase riser strength, stiffness, and reduce vibration.

Repeatability Starts in the Grip

Elite’s form, fit, and finish is well known. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the highly engineered grip designs.

Fit and Finish

Elite offers never-before-achieved shootability and exceptional performance. But, there’s more to an Elite bow. You can depend on a higher level of fit and finish. The tolerances are tight. Every surface is fully machined. Every Elite bow is a work of art.


When you buy an Elite™ bow, it’s already customfitted with the latest anti-vibration technology

Adjustable, rubber coated draw stops

The draw stop posts on ELITE’s cam engage the compression side of the limbs, ensuring you will draw to the same point each and every time. This solid back wall breeds consistent shooting and eliminates “over-drawing,” which can be a tendency in the heat of the moment and can alter speed and trajectory, a problem especially at longer distances.

Two-Track Cam System

Elite’s two-track cam configuration provides one track for the string and another for both cables. Because this structure is inherently narrower, it brings the cable load closer to center, reducing the opportunity for cam lean.

Linked and Symmetrical Cams

The two-track cam system is different because the two cams are linked which insures consistent cam timing and synchronization. Symmetrical cam design, where cams are identical in shape and weight, means that once tuned, an ELITE bow will give you straight and level nock travel.

Patented Module System

Patented module system offers quick draw length change and consistent efficiency across draw lengths.

Multi-layered Laminated Limbs

Elite uses multi-layered laminated limbs that are known to be “bomb-proof.” They offer unmatched repeatability and consistency. These limbs are a big reason why Elite can offer one of the best limited lifetime warranties in the industry.

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