Shibuya Scope Okulus 32mm


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This state-of-the-art compound scope was developed with utmost care for balance, enabling it to fit to any configuration. The brand new Gravity Shift technology enables the scope to compensate for shifting center of gravity when using the large variety of accessories, such as sun shades and decal rings. OKULUS strikes the balance for a wide array of use cases.
Various accessories available. ¿Sold separately.
Usable with genuine accessories, such as Sun Shade, Back Sun Shade, Decal Ring, and Fiber Kit.
Gravity Shift
Compensates for the weight of the optional sunshades and decal rings by shifting the scope housing’s center of gravity.
Superior glare reduction
OKULUS features anti-reflective grooves, as well as matte anodizing to minimize glare inside the field of view.
Compatible with Sight Lights
OKULUS features multiple 8-32 threaded attachment holes for popular sight lights. The 45-degree angled mounting hole enables the archer to aim the light at the center of the lens when using a reticle decal.
Three popular fiber sizes
The ULTIMA OKULUS Fiber Kit (sold separately) is available in .010”, .019”, and .029” to fit a wide variety of shooting styles. Protective tubing included.
Weight: 33.7 g without the lens.


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