Shrewd Archery Scope Optum Lens Vitri


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Lens Housing:
All Shrewd lenses come encased in an aluminum housing that serves a number of important purposes.
• Protection: The aluminum housing adds a level of protection to the expensive glass not found on other scopes.
• Ease of use: The housing threads directly into the target side of the Optum scope, enabling archers to easily install and remove their lens for cleaning or storage.
• Accuracy: A single lead thread on the housing means any time the lens is removed and reinstalled it will always end up in the same place.
• Customization: All Shrewd lens housings are threaded on the target side to accept 40mm Optum sunshades in order to reduce glare and further protect your lens.
• In order to install a lens on the Optum you must have a Shrewd lens housing but that’s not to say you can’t use your own lens. Empty lens housings are available and enable archers to use their own lenses as long as the glass is the correct size (1.75″ diameter).

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