EK-Poelang Bow Fun Set “Korrigan”


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A smooth introduction into archery, ideal for young people. The Poe Lang recurve bow consists of three parts. The limbs and handle are all made out of composite materials.

The package includes a quiver, 2 fiberglass arrows, arm protection and a Fingertab. Also comes with an integrated sight and a built-in simple arrow rest.

If you like to use Nock Points, the correct size for the string is Medium (M).
•Length of the arc: about 48.5 “(about 116cm)
•Draw weight: about 15-20 pounds (about 9kg)
•Draw length: 21-28″ (71cm)
•Grip and arcs made of composite materials
•Recommended arrows 26″ (66cm) and 28” (71cm) of wood, fiberglass or carbon arrows
•Right hand bend (left hand holds the bow, right hand holds the arrow)
•Included in delivery:2 arrows, Quiver, 2-pin sight, Arm guard, Fingertab, Quiver


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