Beiter “Hit Miss” Discs


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The Beiter Hit-Miss System is a completely new concept in archery. The archer a different type of aiming, shooting and scoring compared to existing systems…
And it is easier for spectators to understand.
The System consits of a foam target, incorporating yellow “Hit”-discs, which are plastic inserts available in different sizes.
You either HIT it or MISS it, 1 or 0!… it is visible and most times,… also audible! Different modules are available, with different sized Inserts, to allow for different levels or archer skill or bow type, e.g. Recurve or Compound
The Hit-Miss Target measures 290x290mm and is made out of black PE-foam containing six holes for two different Hit-Miss Inserts (e.g. 3xØ60mm & 3x40mm for Recurve or 3xØ40mm & 3x20mm for Compound).
The Hit-Miss Inserts are made out of yellow plastic and are fitting the corresponding holes in the black Hit-Miss Target.
The Hit-Miss Target must be fixed through the holes provided to a foam boss, using the four TOX-screws and the blue Beiter Screw Tool included in the kit. The Beiter Screw Tool can be used like a bit in a cordless screwdriver or with a 5/32”
or SW4 Hex Wrench.
For training purposes you can also use the Björn paper target faces included in the kit.





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