Flex Fletch FFP Vanes

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FFP’s Quality Crafted Vanes Are Now Perfect! Flex-Fletch Products, The Home of World Class Championship Vanes, is pleased to announce the new Flex-Fletch NO-PREP Vanes. After extensive research they have come up with a Prep Free Vane that insures proper adhesion without cleaning for all superglues. Where other vanes claim to be no prep, Flex-Fletch Products truly delivers.

All Flex-Fletch Vanes are rigorously tested to have unmatched durability and are designed to maximize consistency and precision resulting in flatter shooting and tighter groups. Flex-Fletch Vanes are made with a premium grade of polyurethane and a world class manufacturing processes that no one else in the industry utilizes. Flex-Fletch Products’ motto is “Vanes Not Made, but Crafted” – we are fully committed to crafting the best performing vanes in the world.

Size: 175 para, 200 para, 250 para, 300 para, 360 para, 418 para

187 shield, 225 shield

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FFP175, FFP200, FFP250, FFP300, FFP360, FFP418, FFS187, FFS225


Clear, Cosmic Green, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Orange, Fluo Blue, Fluo Orange, Fluo Red/Pink, Light Orange, Pearl Blue, Pearl Green, Pearl Pink, Real Red, Black, Blue, Fluo Green, Fluo Red, Fluo Yellow, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


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